sharebot 3d store vicenza new opening

Sharebot 3D Store Vicenza changes the face: on Friday the 5th of October, at 4 pm, the Vicenza reference point for 3D printing and rapid prototyping, inaugurates its new workplace. Even larger, even more organized, even more beautiful.


Sharebot 3D Store Vicenza’s shop is moving a few kilometers, but always in Montecchio Maggiore, in Vicenza county. The new seat is located in via Caboto 2, near the Provincial Road 246, so very easy to reach.


Sharebot’s world is constantly expanding: the company are growing and also the Sharebot 3D Stores are growing, ever more rooted on territory and ever more cornerstone for 3D printers sale, technical assistance, rapid prototyping, 3D printing and applications. Sharebot 3D Store Vicenza is no exception and, thanks to qualified personnel’s competence and know-how, has carved out its space in Vicenza’s innovative companies.


Sharebot is proud to accompany Sharebot 3D Store Vicenza in its growing. The new opening is part of a strategy for building a network in Italy and abroad and Sharebot is happy to present the new Vicenza store, more modern, where professionals could peacefully work to contribute to fourth industrial revolution.

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