Sharebot is pleased to announce the launch of the Sharebot 3D Store Monza, a new store dedicated to design and modeling of 3D projects and rapid prototyping for professionals and companies who want to install additive manufacturing technologies in their workflow. Sharebot 3D Store Monza headquarter and showroom will be in Via Amati 12, Monza. Opening event will be announced in the incoming weeks.

The store comes from a partnership between Sharebot, italian leading 3D printers manufacturer, and three young monzesi entrepeneurs who already operated in the 3D printing world: their expertise and the Sharebot long time experience in AM technologies will offer assistance, technical support, formation for companies based in Monza, Milan district and Brianza.

Store and Industry 4.0

Sharebot 3D Store Monza is the third store founded by Sharebot in Italy and comes after the success of Sharebot 3D Store Padova (in partnership with Help3D) and Sharebot 3D Store Firenze (with Paleos, first franchise store monobrand in Italy); each point will serve as a keystone to build a wide 3D printing culture in Italy, crucial to understand the importance this technology will have in the Factory 4.0 and in the manufacturing world.

Sharebot confirms its strategy to create a widespread network of skilled points operating in the 3D printing world with the aim to help manufacturing operators and SME to start using these tools to optimize their workflow.

The company is also proud to operate with young and dynamic entrepeneurs who decided to accept the challenge brougth by additive manufacturing technologies which Sharebot belive will have a crucial role in the next industrial revolution and in the foundation of the Industry 4.0.

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