Which is the the answer to the ultimate question about 3D printing, filament and everything? The link with the late Douglas Adams and its famous “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” will be explained this Saturday, March 5th at 6.00pm when Sharebot will present its fourth generation professional and user-friendly 3D printer (…maybe you heard about the name, extremely popular among Sy-Fy and technology fans all over the world).

We hope to see you at DAMA – Digital Arts and Manufacturing Academy, placed in Milano Corso San Gottardo 19 – an innovative space launched by our partner 3D Italy last November which has already become an important center in Italy for the Digital Fabrication world thanks to courses and workshops dedicated to new professional activities and innovative working tools – for the official presentation party of our new 3D printing system, a tool dedicated to optimize workflows and everyone 3D printing user experience.

Saturday March 5th will be a crucial and unforgettable day in Sharebot young history: other than our new 3D printer, we will be able to present a new, innovative 3D printing filament: 3D paper, developed by our researchers and professor Alberto Cigada’s Next Materials, a Milan Polytechnical University spinoff. This filament has special and unique features: it’s made with paper, recyclable, biodegradable and eco-friendly.

It will be a night to remember, we are organizing a big event just to show you 3D printing application with this great new 3D printer!

If you want to partecipate and celebrate with us, please help us by subscribing the event on eventbrite.


Sharebot Press Office

Via Montello 18, Nibionno (LC)
+39 031 692 132

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