Stefano Rugarli started to use a Sharebot NG, the solid, professional, easy to use 3D printer of third generation, as a challenge. This is its story:


“When I knew for the first time the 3D printing technology (amount two years ago), I was immediately enthusiastic. At that time I used Rhinoceros (and I’m still using it) for my projects and I thought that thanks to a 3D printer I could give a real life to my drawings and realize the models in a few hours.”

“Few months later I got a Rhino 5 certification and I decided: “I must have a 3D printer”! I looked around to find out the perfect printer for myself and I decided that I didn’t want a foreign 3D printer: if i couldn’t use it or if the printer arrived damage i would enter a crisis!”

The 3D Printer

I needed italian handbooks and I a support next to my home, so I bought an italian 3D printer. I analysed the websites and the 3D printers technical features than I choose the Sharebot 3D printers: they were cheaper than the other ones and the company has the headquarters near Milan, where I live. I read a lot of material on the forums and finally I decided to buy a Sharebot NG. This 3D printer had an interesting printing area and I could choose among different materials; I chose the assembled 3D printer and not the kit because I didn’t want to be the reason of some malfunctioning. In addition, If I had problems or doubts, there would be a good user manual completely in Italian.”

“We thought to print our first model after a week of hard work but, in only two hours, we printed successfully the first object with Sharebot NG. This experience opened up a world…
The first printings were exciting, I spent a lot of hours in front of the 3D printer while it was working, it was really hypnotic.”

“Naturally it has not been always so easy. A lot of prints, some kgs of material lost, a lot of calibrations and 3D printer optimizations were necessary to get a good result. Moreover, with my 3D printer, I realized a system to stop the plate without the clips; in addition the same system guarantees the perfect stillness of the plate during the printing process. I can say that Sharebot NG is a good 3D printer and when you understand how it works, it can give you a lot of satisfactions. Sometimes the problems depend on materials you are using and not on the 3D printer (at the beginning the customer doesn’t think about this option and gives the responsibility to the 3D printer).”

“When we got a good knowledge of the 3D printer and of the slicing software (Simplify 3D) we realized a website,, aimed to give a rapid prototyping service to our customers. Maybe it was a crazy idea because we had only one 3D printer, but we thought: “When the orders will increase, we will order other 3D printers!”. The website is in progress and we have just begun an Adwords campaign, so it is very early to talk about a success or a failure.”


“Personally I’ve never thought to use a similar technology to realize static objects like statues and chandeliers, unless to satisfy customers requests. I have always had a real attraction to everything with a mechanical nature: gears, carriages, springs and also before buying a 3D printer I had fun in realizing small objects. I’ve always had a passion for the tattoo machines, which I realized also without the 3D printing technology but with different results. One day I realized my first tattoo machine with Rhinoceros and I printed it with Sharebot NG.

“My last model is the best of my three tattoo machines: it has got a RCA socket (compatible with all the power supplies) and it uses the same axle for both the needle rail and the swinging system. It has standard grommets which guarantee the good frame of the needle, it is compatible with the “grips” and the disposable needles sold in Italy, it is printed very quickly (I don’t remember exactly but I think less than five hours). Naturally it still needs some optimizations if you want to use it as professional tool: motor, better management of the oscillator frame, assembly system without the epoxy resin.”

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