Chapter 2
Stardate 201503.31 (-307755.30)

SnowWhite, the 3D printer with nylon polymeric powders (and a few of crazy experiments with sugar) laser sintering technology, society debut was in last autumn Birmingham TCT show. The project started with the aim to print in cold (or ambient) temperature using a air chamber.

Few months are past and Sharebot R&D department was not satisfied by the first good results. During the Fall faires tour Sharebot researchers received a lot of different opinions and ideas to improve the “pandino” (this name recalls the one of a famous italian economy car and it’s a tender nickname given to the printer during the deveoping process) and take it to new unexplored hights.


Day and night

The SnowWhite project responsables worked from dusk till dawn for months, all day and all night long to introduce new features that could improve the printer.

They decided to modify the atmosphere where the sintering process happens by changing it from a cold atmosphere to an hot one because of the possibility to reach new technological hights. Now the printer could work with the PA12 material and the laser doesn’t require manutention.

The printing area has been expanded to 100x100x130mm with a new and better design for the powders distribution system. The system has been changed also by introducing a new spatula.

Even the powders loading system is changed: now there is a double piston system to allow the printer to reach a higher speed than the one reached during the first phase of the develping process (less than 10 second per a single layer!). Changing the loading system the researchers studied a new way to gather together the powders.

In spite of these new features, the encumbrance has been reduced. The “pandino” is ready for a very long journey.



The reasearch involved a lot of studies about the managing software who must be combined with the mechanical components to form a 3D printer.

They also studied and developed the entire code to control the machine (there more than 20.000 total lines): the managing laser algorithm has been changed; also the objects mathematics have been changed.
They introduced new controls, temporizations and the conversion from a 3D file to a printing files imrpoved to be easier and faster.

The development of all the 3D printing technology is about the research of new solutions to improve the mechanics, the software and the materials. Sharebot SnowWhite combines the three parts by developing them at the same time to have to best prints.



The entire R&D working process has the aim to improve the printing quality to have the more detailed, functional and resilient objects.

Observing and touching with hands these projects, Sharebot is persuaded and entusiast about the project whch started a long time ago without exposition with the first studies about the sintering technology and it’s become an high proficiency 3D printer.

The CO2 laser allows to sintering a lot of different materials: sugar (which took SnowWhite on the main page of a lot non-3D printing websites), nylon and one of the latest tested material, graphene.

Sharebot SnowWhite is a project no more: it’s now a funtioning 3D printer almost ready to be put on the market to take 3D printing to a whole new era.

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