Sharebot started to distribute free to the main italian cities libraries the Paolo Aliverti’s book “Stampa 3D. Stazione futuro” published by Hoepli in 2014.

Aliverti copertina


The book

Stampa 3D. Stazione futuro” allows to explore the history and evolution of 3D printing technology.

The book analyzes the expansion this technology is having into our society. The production process is becoming easier and more economic thanks to 3D printing and it’s going to become part of everyone’s daily routine.
The author explains how it works a 3D printer, leading the reader to the printing process discover, starting with the modeling tools to end with the realization of an object. It’s important to know how it’s done a printer to understand it completely.

It’s very significant the part dedicated to the 3D design to explain how to start and how to draw an object because drawing a good model is the best way to have a good 3D printed object.
Aliverti underlines two important themes: 3D printing rises from the open source community so that every user has the chance to develop this technology; the second important topic is about the makers, people who every day work to spread the required knowledge to understand and use this great new tool.

It’s also presented the Sharebot case, starting with the origin of our firm from an Andrea Radaelli’s idea (Andrea now is the company president and R&D supervisor) to moment when this idea became a business when the 5 founders (Arturo and Ambrogio Donghi, Cristian Giussani, Matteo Abbiati and Andrea Radaelli) decided to constitute a company.
A Brianza garage-born project that has become italian leader in the 3D printing technology sector.


The project

Sharebot Academy rises to expand 3D printing culture and to create an aware audience that could use this technology and take advantage from all its potential.
It’s the same idea that leaded the company to offer this book to every main italian cities library so that the volume could be a good point for thousands of people to approach and, maybe, use 3D printing.

We’re living in a world where everything changes every day. “Stampa 3D. Stazione futuro” could be a useful tool to understand more about this changes and to stay aware about the incoming future.

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