Monday we announced the start of Sharebot SnowWhite Beta-Testing Program; tuesday we launched our presence in Media World stores all around Italy (first italian 3D printer to do so!); today we want to talk about a new material we’re releasing.

New Poly is available on our online shop. Like all the other Sharebot filaments, Poly has been devolped by an italian chemistry company in partnership with Sharebot R&D department. Poly is a very strong, temperature, impacts and pressure resistant material. It has a good definition even on the smallest object details. Poly can be painted using acrylic colors or it can be sandblasted. This material melts when treated with limonene so it’s very good to use it to print support parts even on a big models.

The filament is available in a 600g reel and in white color; it’s purchased in the tipical Sharebot box with our personalization. We deceided to sold it with a very competitive price: €40 for a reel while the old one price was €40 for 500g. This offer underline the company will to offer to its customers the best products at the most profitable price.

Enjoy your prints with this new filament!

Buone stampe!

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