Sharebot is happy to introduce a new format for its unique PLA-S: PLA-S 4kg, a special format dedicated to professional users and companies who works with 3D printing technology and FDM tools and are looking for a reliable, long lasting material for their big size printing projects and models.

This unique format can be perfectly used on our biggest and recently launched Sharebot QXXL, professional 3D printer with 700 x 350 x 300 mm building platform, autocalibration system, internet connectivity and touch screen display.

The PLA-S 4kg filament is available in black and white color and it’s available at the price of €99 on our shop!


PLA’s the most used 3D printing material, composed by a thermoplastic polymer derivated from corn and it’s biodegradable. PLA’s resistant and solid (avoiding the warping effect during the printing process) without retraction and deformation. Available in a lot of different colors, it doesn’t release any smell and it can be extruded at lower temperatures than any other material without having to heat the printing bed.

PLA-S is compatible with

  • Kiwi-3D
  • NG
  • 42
  • XXL Plus
  • Q
  • QXXL
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