Piranesi Prix: the Grande Villa Adriana project rewarded by Sharebot

Piranesi Prix de Rome 2018 contest is concluded, a competition aimed to reward the best project about Grande Villa Adriana.

At this International Call, lasted 6 months and organized by Accademia Adrianea of Architecture and Archeology in partnership with Villa Adriana – Villa d’Este Autonomous Institute of MiBACT and in collaboration with the Order of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservationists of Rome and its county, 21 groups have turned up with as many different projects.

In the context of Piranesi Prix, one of these groups has been rewarded with an Honorable Mention promoted by Sharebot. It is the very valiant group of Escuela Tecnica of Architecture of Barcelona – Politecnico of Milan AUIC School coordinated by Josep Mias, Valerio Tolve and Alice Bottelli. You can partially viewed on the images below.

sharebot piranesi prix
sharebot piranesi prix

Piranesi Prix: the podium

As regards International Call of Piranesi Prix de Rome 2018’s result, they have been rewarded the following projects:

  • First prize: Polytechnic of Milan – Polo of Mantova AUIC School’s project, group coordinated by Federico Bucci, Eduardo Sotto de Moura and Angelo Lorenzi;
  • Second prize: Polytechnic University of Marche – Leibniz University of Hannover’s project, group coordinated by Pierluigi Mondaini;
  • Third prize: Polytechnic of Turin’s project, group coordinated by Paolo Mellano and João Nunes.

Piranesi Prix: the testimony

“I express my complete satisfaction at the reaching of some significant resultsPier Federico Caliari, Accademia Adrianea’s president and Piranesi Prix International Call’s co-curator –: firstly the broad participation, then the high-quality of presented projects, also those which haven’t been rewarded”.