Sharebot at OROAREZZO 2019

OROAREZZO 2019 is an event that promotes the best Made in Italy goldsmith production internationally. This year the participation of international exhibitors and buyers in the gold sector has proved to be consistent. In addition to jewelry creations, a pavilion was reserved for machinery and new technologies (especially 3D printing) to create precious compositions.

Jewelry and 3D Printing

It’s interesting to note how 3D printing technology can become part of the jewelry world by providing the possibility to start from extremely complex and detailed models, generated by 3D modeling software, and finish with ready-to-cast jewelry. With this process, it’s possible to create molds in which can be poured the precious material and thus obtain jewels of the most intricate shapes, which can only be achieved using this innovative technology.

Sharebot 3D printers at OROAREZZO 2019

Among the various technologies presented within the event, Sharebot 3D printers enjoyed particular attention. Viking a large format resin 3D printer with 11 x 19 x 20 cm printing area and Voyager high speed and high-resolution DLP printer able to recreate the most delicate watermarks. The solution offered is supported by the software for the automatic support generation and creation of 3D printing files, the ultrasonic cleaning tank, and the polymerization box with UV light.

An important part was reserved for the resins presented and in particular for S-WAX a resin with 30% wax suitable for melting with the lost wax method and for watermark printing. The other proposals of Sharebot: G-Model for the world of model making, S-HARD for the production of silicone molds and S-CLEAR a resin with a unique transparent appearance. Sharebot has evolved its offer by proposing not only the printer but a complete solution that, which starting from the design, allows to obtain a jewel of great value.


Do you want more info?

If you are interested in the world of Jewelery and Sharebot 3D printers (Rover, Viking and Big) send an email to info@sharebot.it and you will receive all the information about our offers and solutions.