Open Biomedical Initiative is an association which operates exclusively online. Its aim is to project and realize biomedical prosthesis dedicated to people who cannot use traditional ones.

«Someone still uses the word 3D printer to describe this innovative technology – Giancarlo Orsini, Open Biomedical Initiative founder, declared during Sharebot 42 professional 3D printer presentation at the DAMA in Milan – but we know that thanks to this amazing technology we can create objects considered impossible to be done only a few years ago».


One of the most important goal of Open Biomedical Initiative is to give biomedical prosthesis to Third World people and they are also focused on 3D printing education: «If you give a implant to a man who can’t walk, certainly you are doing a good action. But if you give him all the knowledge to realize it by himself, you are doing much more», Orsini said.

Open Biomedical Initiative was founded only two years ago and it has 7.000 volunteers spread all over the world: «We would like to install a 3D printer everywhere, maybe Sharebot 42 3d printer, and later we want to connect all 3D printers to the same Network».


Now OBM Initiative is working on a mechanical prosthesis which can lift up a water bottle of 2 Kg with little effort, and they are also working on a new project called Fable”, a 3D printed implants which operates thanks to bio-electrical sensors.

Last year during Maker Faire Rome, OBM presented “Bob”, the first 3D printed incubator, realized thanks to Sharebot technology. Open Biomedical Initiative is developing another project concerning a rehabilitation glove which will be able to reactivate the hand functionality in children who have had a stroke.

“Without 3D printing technology, – Orsini concluded– this wouldn’t be possible: i consider it the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution.».

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