Sharebot add two new filaments to its materials offer: a special nylon, called Nylforce 550, with unique features; Nylon-Carbon, a light and resistant material created with nylon and carbon fibres!

Nylforce 550

Nylon 550 is a high printing quality material, studied to have a low hygroscopic level and one if its main feature is that you can print it easily, creating resistant and flexible objects. It has a transparent surface tending towards white and it could be used to realize mechanical or functioning parts thanks to its high mechanics and heat resistance. Those last characteristics allow you to work on the objects also after the end of the printing process. The printing of Nylon 550 requires the use of a special spray to stick it to the printing bed; each material box contains a spray.

Explore all Nylforce 550 technical details.


Nylon-Carbon is a high quality material. It’s composed by 2 different fibres: nylon and carbon. Nylon gives to the filament a high resistance while carbon gives lightness making it very easy to print. The printed object are resistant, with opaque black color, slightly rough and with a light metallic look; the material can be worked in a easy way after the end of the printing process. Nylon-Carbon is ideal for manufacturing use. It doesn’t require any particular fastener: you’ll just need usual hairspray. During the slicing process, you must use the PLA profiles: you just need to change the extrusion temperature to 245°C. It’s possible to use this filament in place of ABS because of its good heat and breakage resistance.

Explore all Nylon-Carbon technical details.

R&D deparment released their masterpieces. These filaments can be used by users at any level, both amateur or professional.
Sharebot filaments offer is getting bigger and more complete to satisfy all our customers. Nylon and Nylon-Carbon are both state-of-art, excellent and amazing materials and they can help you to take your 3D printing user experience to the next level.
Try them and make us know your opinion!

These filament can be found in this website shop starting from today.

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