offerte stampanti 3d sharebot

It’s time for promotions, for everybody’s taste. We are selling 3D printers on sale, both filament and resin, to meet any demands and to offer two different solutions for the companies fascinated with the idea of relying on Additive Manufacturing to prototype.

From now until March 15th you can buy Sharebot Rover and Sharebot NG (Next Generation) at a great price: you are choosing professional and ready-to-use 3D printers with guaranteed results and a great number of applications.

Read about 3D printers on sale.


If you are looking for a resin 3D printers, you must not miss Sharebot Rover on sale: until March 15th it has an exceptional price of 1.900 € + IVA (full price: 2.500 + IVA).


If you prefer FDM technology, turn your attention on Sharebot NG (Next Generation). A guarantee. Solid. Precise. And durable. Until March 15th it can be yours with a 15% discount!

Sharebot 3D printers on sale: it’s time to rely on additive technologies.

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