The Sharebot’s Research&Development Department is constantly looking for new applications for 3D printing in order to offer an innovative product and quality.

Working with a new software, it was possible to print without difficulty this vase that replicates the coral’s visual effects. The print was made with ABS (a print of over 17 hours!) and, thanks to a professional software, it was possible to generate numerous internal and external supports that allow the realization of those little details that make the difference between a print with low and high quality. The supports are easily removable without affecting the printed object, simply disconnect them one by one: this operation does not affect in any way the object. This makes it possible to devise and implement increasingly more complex and defined models, you can smooth imperfections and it is also possible to verifyi in real time the position of supporting parts.

In this sense, we invite you to carefully follow the next developments by Sharebot: we have a few surprises intended to minimise the often lengthy and repetitive postprint operations. The aim is to be able to print an object that now it’s considered too difficult in terms of time and effort.

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