merry christmas sharebot 3d printers

Merry Christmas from Sharebot! We will be closed from 21th December until 1st January

Merry Christmas from Sharebot!

After an exciting year full of news, new incentives and interesting projects we will shortly launch, it’s time to rest on our laurels – for now! – and enjoy Christmas holidays relax.

Sharebot’s family wishes happy holidays to you all, but would remind you that our 3D printers are so reliable and dutiful that they continue to prototype also if you are devoting to Christmas dinner.

Indeed, here is an idea for who has got our professional 3D printers with remote management: activate integrated webcam to monitor the printing process even if you have your legs under the table.

If anybody will need us during holidays, the wait won’t be excessively long: Sharebot is closing on Friday 21th of December and is reopening on Wednesday 2nd of January.

Greeting to everyone!