MECSPE 2019: Metal, the final frontier

Once again this year Sharebot’s participation at MECSPE 2019, the reference fair for the manufacturing industry, ended with an extremely positive balance. MECSPE is the meeting point between technologies to produce and industrial supply chains, thanks to the synergy between the contemporary Salons and the innovative display formulas such as squares of excellence, demonstration units and processing islands.

Sharebot at MECSPE 2019

During the three days of the fair, from 28 to 30 March, Sharebot presented 3 new approaches to 3D printing technologies. For the filament (FDM) the Q family, consisting of Sharebot Q , the professional A3 format 3D printer, Sharebot QXXL, which inherits the qualities of Q and increases the print volume to 700x350x350 mm and Sharebot Q Dual, which implements a double independent extruder. For the resin Sharebot presented BIG, a 3D printer with a print size over 45 cm wide and Viking resin printer with an incredible attractive price. Sharebot also presented 1ONE, the entry level printer to explore the world of 3D.

The great announcement: METALONE

The absolute novelty that Sharebot presented at MECSPE 2019 is MetalONE, a 3D printer that uses metal powder sintering (SLM) technology. As CEO Arturo Donghi states “Currently METALONE will be subjected to an initial beta-testing phase with selected specific users. at the end of it the printer will be made available at the end of 2019”. After dozens and dozens of installations of SnowWhite all around the world , Sharebot has accumulated enough experience to move to a new project: metal. The technical specifications are as follows:

Sharebot MetalONE

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