On March 5th 2016, at DAMA (Digital and Manufacturing Academy) in Milan, Matteo Limonta, project manager, designer, and founder of the society MADesign , explained his professional experience with Sharebot 3D printers applied to automotive sector and other fields. The young designer usually prints prototypes which will be realized later in metal or iron.


«I’ve finally solved out two significant problems thanks to the 3d printing: the infill, beacuse it is often difficult to realize pieces with thin surfaces without flaws and with a geometry corresponding to real pieces – Limonta explained-. Moreover, I have improved the post-finishing process: for example, a piece of 1,20 m can be divided in 6 smaller pieces which are printed easily and then assembled together. I printed these pieces with Sharebot XXL, a professional 3D printer which is able to realize very big models. It is not easy to paste the pieces together, but the final result has been very satisfying».

Other projects

Matteo Limonta presented also another case focused on supports parts: «In this situation the best choice is to slice an object and print it using as less support as possible because the thickness are very thin».
Limonta doesn’t work only in automotive field and he has recently realized a social project in partnerhip with Milan Municipality: «They told me to realize a map for blind people, a Braille legend – Matteo said – four cards 30×25, ideal to be printed with Sharebot XXL».

Matteo Limonta has worked also on some other 3d printing projects: he has printed a gear for a weaving factory: the gear, no longer available on the market, has been drawn by Limonta and printed in Nylon Carbon, a special and technical filament made with nylon and carbon, ideal to print professional and functioning prototypes. «Now this gear is working with other metal gears and it is running perfectly», he declared.

Rapid Prototyping

According to Matteo, who sometimes works in his father’s factory, an automotive supplier, the 3D printing technology has improved the relationship B to C: «When we have an appointament with a poential customer, it is very important to have a 3d model to show him instead of a computer drawing because you can explain better the real features of the future piece».

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