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A new printer is born in Sharebot!

The Kiwi-3D, is an assembly kit of  professional quality which is easy to assemble and it includes all the latest innovations of Sharebot R&D department.

The kit is designed in order to make “Culture” all around the world of 3D printing with the FFF technology.

In addiction, the Kiwi-3D will allow everyone to know the phases and tricks of assembly of their own printer.

It will be sold only by Fab Lab and authorized training centres and its aim is to create a synergy between Sharebot, a world full of professionals who approach the 3d printing for the first time and the world of Fab Lab, a reality in which the professionals can find the perfect environment for the growth of their projects.

The “revolutionary” project not only will bring to know the 3D printers, but also all the Fab Lab’s machines and services, such as  hacking courses and courses on laser cutting machines for the carter of the printer.

Moreover, from the 2nd of April, it will be born a section dedicated to the Kiwi-3D printer on our website,  where will be specified all the Fab Lab that will adhere to the initiative and where can be found information about the address, the costs and times of the courses and printers.

At last, but not least, it will be born also the “Kiwi3Dworld”, where the owners of Kiwi 3d can meet in order to share projects, tricks and impressions about kiwi world.

The official launch is in a week!!


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