As we reported few days ago, we’ll be present at the important Italian-Nordic Polymer Future, a workshop, organized by italian and scandinavian research groups, about polymers, latest discoveries and application; that will take place at Grand Hotel Duomo in Pisa on September 14th-15th.

Being one of the main technical contributors, we’ll be there with part of our R&D team and our laser sintering professional 3D printer Sharebot SnowWhite



The company choose to partecipate at the workshop as main cotributor: Sharebot will offer to the attendees the know-how gained by the Research & Development department about the application of different polymers with 3D printers. Above all Sharebot will share the experiences and the results obtained with Sharebot SnowWhite, a project started 3 years ago with the aim to develop a low-cost, reliable and professional laser sintering 3D printer with CO2 laser.

Attending the event as main technical contributor, Sharebot will be able to know the latest researches and discoveries in the world of polymers and materials application for manufacturing. The company will be present with part of its R&D team to disclose to the partecipants its conclusions about polymers application in 3D printing and, above all, it will be very interesting to listen and take note of the latest news, discoveries, ideas and development about polymers coming from univerisities research team. Sharebot think that sharing knowledges is fundamental, especially in the world of materials, where there’s so many things that have to be discovered yet.

Information about the workshop, schudule, programme, time, costs and relators can be found here:

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