Debora Crescia had an idea. She wanted to create an handbag entirely made with 3D printing technology. A quirky but also fascinating idea. The project became possible only by using this technology. Debora brought the pochette idea to the Pescara’s 3DiTALY store team to realize it. Those guys offered her their experience and knowledge without exitation; they started to talk about a lot of different things: which printer was the better fit to this project? Which one was easier to use and could guarantee the better result? The Pescara’s team decided to use a Sharebot NG to make the Debora’s idea real.
The result is a beautiful, practical and fascinating object that can be an exemple to those who still question the potential of 3d printing technology: thanks to these tools you just need an idea because now you can realize anything!


We interviewed Debora so that she could tell us her experience with one of our printer
Hi Debora. First of all we want congratulate with you: your choice to be a part of this world is fantastic. Let’s talk about your project: What is it the GumChette and how did you realize it?
Hello everyone. GumChette is a project and a will that I had because of my passion for fashion accessories and everything that can associeted with the manufacture, handcrafting and the personalization of those accessories. I always look for something unusual and unique even in my every day puchases: those features can be in the materials, in the form or even in the packaging. Because of these I had the idea to create a fashion accessory that can have unite all of these feature, something unique and I decided to create it with digitial fabrication to give it more a better personalization. I brought my project to the Pescara 3DiTALY store team: together we choose which material and which were the best fit to print a complex object like the Gumchette. We decide to print it with rubber and PLA and, thanks to their advice, I choose a tecnique that can merge different forms and different colors. The shoulder strap is composed only by raw material, which is Ninja Flex (a polyuretane type material that can be associeted with TPU. Editor’s Note). The entire print was made with Sharebot NG 3D printer. The stones are a decorative element to give a contrast between the rubber pliability and the strong shape of the decoration. Those elements were merged to form a little and extravagant box. A full handcrafted object realized with the heart and the passion of the digital fabrication.


Why did you use 3D printing technology to create such an object? Did you already tried this technology?
The first time I thought about this project was at the 3DiTALY store opening here in Pescara (3DiTALY is Sharebot longtime partner and has a network of 5 store all over Italy The first european social franchising experiment. Editor’s Note): it was my first contact with this world and this technology. Thanks to the direct contact with the object that I found there, I understand that these printer could give a me a chance to give form to my ideas and I decided to put together my passion for fashion and this incredbile tools.


Speaking about our printers, did you have any problem using Sharebot NG? What kind of problem did you found and how did you fix it?
The Pescara team immediatly adviced me to use your printer. They told me that it was italian and that it can give me the chance to realize my idea, even if the particular object was really difficult because of the form and the material we had to use. The guys were fantastic. They accept the challenge without any exhitation and they helped me to select the right filament. It wasn’t simple: Ninja Flex is a very hard-to-be-printed material and presents a lot of complications compared to most commons PLA and ABS. I have to thank these guys: they gave me all the help I needed to design the object and modify the printing settings. The result reflects what my idea was all about: a unique fashion accessory.


According to your experience, what do you see in the future of 3D printing?
The most important and fascinating thing of 3D printing is the fact that it can be used in every professional sphere. Every idea can realized with this technology. When I started to work with the Pescara’s store I was inquiring to understand how far the technology can get and which boundaries it could have; only after I entered this world I learned that it’s expanding in a lot of directions and it can be used to improve medical or achitectural studies. According to my experience I realized that 3d printing can revolutionize the fashion world, changing forever the way we think about the manufacture!


The right idea and the instuments to make it real.
We are looking for people like Debora to be part of the incoming industrial revolution. People who wants to go over the limit and are supported by great passion, creativity and the will to create something unique and fascinating.

If you have a project or an idea that you realized with a Sharebot 3D printer, please write at We will be pleased to contact you to speak about your creation to make it public.

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