Adama Shillito, creative director and founder of Idkid, a company specialized in toys design, began to print 3D prototypes a year ago, when he decided to buy a Sharebot NG 3D printer. Always interested in research of innovative technologichal solutions which allow to add the perfect functionality to a good design, Adam Shillito has printed more than 100 pieces and 20 real toys.

Projecting and prototyping

«Toys are complicated objects – the english creative director explains – but using Sharebot NG I can finally test quickly all my creative ideas, giving my prototype to the children to try. The prototypes I realize, printed in PLA, allow me to understand which is the percfect architecture for the final toy, if the features I’ve planned are good and in which way I could reduce the use of plastic materials».

The prototyping process is the final test before the put into production: «If the prototype rexist to the stress and the motion, it is able to become a final model, with tha addition of some metal elements». Security is one of the most important elements in a field where the final object is addressed to the children, so it is always tested in a second moment, with the resistance, through the mold.

Different toys

Thanks to 3D FFF technology Idkid has realized a lot of prototypes thought for a different categories of moving toys: push scooters, tricycle, camion, tractors and escavators, printing the wheels directly with Sharebot NG.

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