Help3D Sharebot 3D Store Padova will open this Saturday, September 9th at 16.00 in Via Sorio 102/a in Padova.

Help3D Sharebot 3D Store is the third official Sharebot store located on the italian territory after the first historical Sharebot 3D Store in Firenze (opened October 2015) and Sharebot 3D Point Napoli (February 2017). Our stores, together with our Premium Reseller, are the core of the wide and capillar Sharebot network spread all around Italy (and Europe): our network helps us to be present and support our customers everywhere so that we can succeeed in introducing 3D printing and additive manufacturing tools inside professionals and SMEs workflows. It’s the Industry 4.0.


Help3D Sharebot 3D Store: which services you’ll find

The store will provide different services: one of the most important is the technical support that Andrea Pirazzini (Help3D founder and Help3D Sharebot 3D Store Padova co-founder and responsable) will give to professional and industries. The staff will be pleased to help customers to understand which technology and 3D printer is the best for their works.

Other services available will be:

  • 3D modeling, a modeling service that will create the design of any object the customer wants. It will be possibile to receive a 3D model both from a simple sketch or with the reverse engineering technology.
  • Educational. Inside the store we’ll be able to held courses, lessons and workshops about 3D printing and its application in concrete working environments.
  • 3D printing service, everyone will have the possibility to realize their projects and models using all the 3D printing technology inside the store. You just need to send an .stl/obj/step/iges file to the store requesting which technology you would like and our staff will send you the object in just few days.
  • It will also be possibile to use a 3D Scanning system.


Help3D Sharebot 3D Store opening event will be held Saturday September 9th at 16.00 in Padova inside the new showroom placed in via Sorio 102/a. During the event Andrea Pirazzini (Help3D founder, Help3D Sharebot 3D Store Padova co-founder and responsable) will present the store while Arturo Donghi (Sharebot co-founder and CEO) and Andrea Radaelli (Sharebot co-foundder and president) will talk about the importance of 3D printing and will introduce some news about our company next products. Don’t miss it!

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