Orlando Hernandez is the founder of Maison 203.
Maison 203 is a young company founded in 2010 with the goal to distribuite an accurate selection of design object from various firm both already enstablished at international level and rising brands.
In 2011 Maison 203 started to use 3D printing technology to create its own collection names MYBF and designed by Orlando Hernandez Flores with the cooperation of its wife Lucia De Conti.
The collection has grown up to a wide range of different jewels, each one having its own features and colors. Expanding their distribution, in 2012 they were in exposition at the most famous sector shop in New York (at the MoMa), in Milan (La Rinascente), in Paris (Silvera and Fleux) and in London (Do Shop).
Their offer was expanded in 2013 thanks to the 3D printing technology and the collaboration with Designers Collection’s Giorgio Biscaro and Orlando Fioravanti, two of the most appreciated names in the design world.

As you’ve just read, Maison 203 is a young firm but has already a great history behind them. Being a Sharebot 3D printer’s user, we intervied Orlando to know why he choose 3D printing and what are his opinions about this technology.

Hi Orlando. Can you explain us why did you choose 3D printint to realize your jewels?
Hi guys! We arrived to 3D printing a little bit by chance. In 2011 I made the proposal to my wife Lucia but I didn’t have enough money to buy her a real diamond so I decided to print one with this technology. I had already used 3D printing in the office where I was working at the time to do some prototype . It was really a nice design company named Foscarini. Of course Lucia said yes and was enchanted by the look-like diamond!

When and why you started to use a Sharebot 3D printer?
I told you I was already aware of this technology. I first bought a foreign printer but I had a lot of problems with it. I read about you on internet as an italian 3D printer producers. Being my product fully made in Italy I was really interested in work with a fully italian company so I contacted you. The change in my workflow was incredible: excelent customer service, solid and affordabile printers. I’m really happy. You helped me a lot with my creations.

A couple of technical questions: What is it your workflow? What kind of method do you follow? Do you start from a your design?
Yes. All the creations arise from an idea. A concept we imagine or created by the designers we collaborate with. Than, of course, there is the 3D design that must follow all the technology rules (the .stl file generation, slcing, gcode and all the phases that you know really well). The real innovation we made is to try to bring 3D printing to the extremes, over the limits. To do this we work a lot on the design. We want to create something that can have a big impact and can inspire fantasy to the people who buy our jewels.

Do you think you could be able to create such objects without 3D printing?
No, absolutely no. 3D printing allows us to manage and work on a small quantity of objects to give them characterization and personalization. People want something that could be personal, unique. In fact we a new collection named “Name Necklaces” composed by single unit of a certain jewel: each one is different from another one.

3D printing also solve the tool cost problem: we do not need to much money to produce an object so we can give to our clients a low-cost jewel but realized with great quality. It’s a great thing for us and our clients are very happy about that.

What is it the reaction of your clients when they realize how you did the jewels?
Interest. The best definition for their reaction is interest. It’s a great comunication tool for us. We always bring your printers to all the events we are invited and we like to observe the people reactions when we explain them how we did what they’re watching. Interest generates curiosity and we reicive a lot of questions about it.

Last question: what do you think will be the 3D printing developments in your sector?
I guess that it will have a great diffusion. We live and work in a high competitive world and you need to have the best tool to stay at the same level of your competitors. You have to understand that this a cultural challenge. This is the real 3D printing revolution: cultural. You need to open your mind and see the world that surround you from another point of view.

Thanks to Orlando and Maison 203 for the kind world.
We want to underline the importance of the last world that Orlando said. The cultural challenge that 3D printing is giving us cannot be lost. We all need to change our attitude to stay competitive not only inthe jewellery area but in every area we are used to operate.

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