“This world is growing up so fast! It’s incredibile”

This is the sentence we heard and told so many time during the last Formnext (Frankfurt, November 14th to 17th). Well, it’s not a sterotype: it’s true. The world of 3D prnting and additive manufacturing are growing up incredible fast, new names, new printers every year with even more innovative solutions for manufacturing.

It took just 3 years to Formnext to establish itself as the most important exposition dedicated to something bigger than the usual new products presentations: it’s a preview of the future, a place where everyone can see how manufacturing will look like in the next 10 years. The show took place inside the massive Halle 3 of Frankfurt Messe and was divided in two parts: Halle 3.0 mainly dedicated to metal moulding and printing; Halle 3.1 dedicated to polymers printing. Despite of the big differences between these two worlds, both pavillions had in common one of the main topic of the show: priinters for professional must be solid, strong and able to realize resistant and good quality big size prototypes. Industries and professionals are looking for solid and easy to use tools for their workflow and you have to be able to provide this kind of machinary if you want to stay competitive in this world.

Sharebot @Formnext

As we told before, we partecipated to Formnext with our new ready for industries line of professional products.

Sharebot QXXL and Sharebot Antares were the main news shown in our stand. The printers use different technologies (FFF on QXXL and SLA on Antares) but they both create big size models and prototypes and can be installed in every laboratory to optimize the professional workflow. Going bigger was one of the main themes and we went big with these products that underline the Sharebot will to provide solid, affordabile and reliable products to its customers.

Together with these news, we also exposed a couple of our more reliable and industry-ready products: Sharebot SnowWhite and 3Delux. Snowwhite is the perfect educational and R&D tool, an open laser sintering system alreeady installed inside 40 universities, colleges and research centers all around the world that allows to study materials and polymers thanks to the possibility to use all the main powders and modify all the printing settings. 3Delux has established itself as an accurate and precise tool for dentistry operators who are looking for a fast and high resolution tools for their laboratory.

But our main attraction was the object who dominated our stand above our heads: Aircraft3D shocked our visitors who met a big size airplane nosediving toward the printer who helped building it, Sharebot QXXL. A concrete application (the biggest printer used to create a big model in less than 200hrs rather than the 500hrs required to print it with other big size printers) of how 3D printing can be used to save time and cost to produce a prototype.

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