Eupoc 2020 Sharebot

Sharebot at EUPOC 2020

Also this year Sharebot will support some of the initiatives of the AIM, the Italian Association of Macromolecules, participating as a supporter at EUPOC 2020 in Bertinoro and in Trento at the XXIV AIM national conference.

Surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Bertinoro, the EUPOC 2020 conference will be the best place to discuss the main challenges that scientists, academics, engineers and students working on any aspect of block copolymers and self-assembly are facing together.

2020 Edition

The chemistry of polymers and macromolecules is a multidisciplinary science that studies the chemical synthesis and the chemical-physical properties of polymers and macromolecules.

EUPOC 2020 will analyze how block copolymers are attracting enormous attention due to their unique ability to separate into mass-state microphase and self-organization in solution.

Scientific and Research Community

Sharebot thanks to its 3D printers completely open in the management of process parameters and thanks to the detailed log files, allows researchers to study and design new materials for the hungry world of 3D printing that would allow even more valid application development in factory 4.0. Over 50 universities worldwide use Sharebot’s sintering and fusion 3D printers.

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