EUPOC 2019

Sharebot & EUPOC 2019

Also this year Sharebot, an Italian company in the province of Lecco, is among the sponsors of the EUPOC 2019 conference organized by AIM the Italian Association of Science and Technology of Macromolecules. EUPOC is the conference that brings together the various scientific and research communities working on polymeric materials.


2019 Edition

The 2019 edition will present topics with similar basic themes that originate in a variety of research areas with very different perspectives from the title:

Electrospinning and related techniques: from design to production of advanced polymer materials and devices

University professors and researchers from all over Europe meet in Como from May 13 to 16 at the Social Theater to discuss and explain topics of great scientific interest.

Scientific and Research Community

Sharebot has been pleased to contribute to the success of these conferences for three years and makes its 3D printers available to the scientific community and research using polymeric materials. More than 50 universities worldwide use Sharebot sintering and fusion printers

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