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When it comes to excellences, MEDERE is a name that stands out. Raffaele Ferrante (CEO), Marco Mannisi (CPO) and Daniele Bianchi (CTO), together founded MEDERE with the intent to develop innovative projects favoring the medical field and bringing with cutting-edge technologies and cutting-edge skills on the use of 3D printing, the all supported by a strong motivation and a continuous and constant resource: Italian creativity. Godaddy (large American web-hosting company) and Alkemy (consultancy, communication and technological innovation agency) awarded MEDERE the 1st prize in the Tech Start-up category. This is just one of the awards obtained in different contexts.

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Thanks to the collaboration with Sharebot, the three biomedical engineers have 3D printed the “POP” project, a line of custom insoles (Basic, Comfort and Sport) obtained thanks to the innovative workflow using the IoT and 3D printing.

Medere began his adventure using an industrial 3D printer produced by Sharebot. The printer has allowed Medere to obtain excellent results with materials that are sometimes difficult to use such as flexible elastomers. Sharebot’s service has always been responsive and effective in providing support and constructive comparison. To this date Medere has decided to expand its machinery by collecting a second 3D printer that Sharebot had sent to Medere on loan for use to participate in the European Edition of the Maker Faire 2019.


Medere also collaborated with the medical staff of the Tor Vergata Policlinic to respond to the COVID-19 emergency.

<We tried to support the nurses by modeling and making supports for the surgical mask elastic bands. The goal was to reduce the pressure from the ears of healthcare professionals who wear these devices for full shifts.>>

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