The new “Easy Detach System” is a special magnetic printing plate for Sharebot 42 and Sharebot Q, our professional 3D printers with FFF technology, and it’s dedicated to optimize the post-printing process: you’ll easily remove the object from the plate without using any tool or ruining the model.

Developed with an innovative concept, “EDS” offers high aderence so that your prototype will perfectly stick to the plate thanks to the smooth and plain surface. Flexible and durable, “EDS” is raliable and resistant to wear.

It has an easy and simple graphic and its size is larger than the actual printing area: these features allows to orientate “EDS” easily on the metal plate. The color is technical gray so that you’ll perfectly see the first layers printed on the plate, optimizing your 3D printing user experience.

When you’re installing your new EDS on the printer, please follow these important steps: it’s possible that the new plate has a different height than the old one, misure the difference and update the offset proble value with this new value. For a complete guide to the “Easy Detach System” installation, please read Sharebot Q and Sharebot 42 support pages.


How to use it

Before using it, it’s necessary to polish the lower part of the magnetic plate as well as the metal bed of your printer to remove any remainings: surfaces must be perfectly polished for a better aderence so that the printing surface will be plain and uniform. This operation will prevent any problem during the printing process and you won’t damage the EDS or the nozzle.

“Easy Detach System” doesn’t require any fixture to stick PLA-S and ABS-HF (two most common printing filaments) to the printing plate. Otherwise, it’s important to apply a uniform and consistant layer of fixture when using NYLON-CARBON.

Another important advice on how to use “EDS” is about the model detachment from the plate: be careful and follow the video instruction here below to prevent any damage and avoid breaking. Remove the printing plate handling both EDS and the object, lifting up both at the same time: this operation will prevent you to rip up the plate.

Once removed from the printer, EDS will allow you to detach the model from the plate just by separating them.

To polish your magnetic printing bed and remove all the filament remainings, our advice is to use a spatula or rub it with acetone.

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