It’s now available (already uploaded on all the printers produced after October 1st 2016) the new Sharebot Q firmware. This latest version introduces many new exciting features dedicated to optimize your user experience and improve your workflow with our professional filament deposition 3D printer. Thanks to these news features you’ll enjoy a whole new 3D printing experience with an innovative, easy to use, reliable professional tool.

How to install it

First of all, download the .zip file. You’ll download a .zip file, open it and export the SBTupgrade.img file you’ll find then upload it on a USB key. Insert the key inside your Sharebot Q (the printer must be turned off) and switch on the printer: the update process will start automatically. Don’t switch off your 42 and wait until the procedure is complete (about 20 minutes).


The main news’

Which are the main new features introduced by this new firmware?

  • Auto level detect: to avoid any problem with the “Easy Detach System”, the printer will show you an error message on the display if the .gcode was generated with incorrect profiles (without the auto level setting).
  • Mechanical check: if the printer has any hardware problem, the display will show you an error message, stopping the printing process (if you activated the email notification system, as you can read below, you’ll also receive an email)
  • Wifi ready: the printer can be now used with a wifi connection just by using a wifi key (at the moment the compatible chipsets are Realtek RTL8188EU or Realtek RTL8192CU). Manage your configuration from Sharebox3D.
  • Software info: you can verify which firmware version is updated on your printer from the display.
  • Error Logs: To have a better remote support from our technicians, your printer now records the error chronology.
  • Saving filament: this new version introduces a timer to automatically block the extrusion after 5’ you gave the command to insert a new filament inside the extruder.

Bug fixing

This firmware update fixes some small bugs like:

  • Filament detection: data sampling was renewed to give more information about the printer movements so that the system is more efficient even with low speed.
  • More intuitive and easy to use graphic icons
  • Prepare and Tune comands disposition has been optimized inside the printer menu.

Sharebox 3D

Also the Sharebox3D usability was improved and optimized with better and more intuitive features. Sharebox3D is the web interface dedicated to the remote management of the entire printing process.

The first feature you’ll notice is dedicated to protect your access with a login and password system (setted by our technicians and customizable):

Username: admin
Password: Sharebot

An email notification system was introduced so that you can control the process even if you’re not using the interface. You can select which information you want to receive via email (errors, starting, stopping and others).

Because of the new wifi connectivity introduced by this firmware update, also Sharebox3D can be configurated to be used wify with any USB wireless key.

gcode management

New firmware update allows to view the “.gcode” shared folder among the computer resources. The folder is the same one you can see (and manage) from Sharebox3D interface and your printer menu. To view the folder you have to configure the printer with your local network.

Warning: slicing software (like Slic3r and Simplify3D) doesnt’t notify you when the exportation process ends: take care the exportation is completed before starting a printing process or close the slicing.

Do not use any special character in the .gcode file (commas, exclamation point, etc.): the display will show an error message.

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