CRETEA – 3D Printed Lighting powered by Sharebot

Case History Cretea

Sharebot & CRETEA:

The successful collaboration between Sharebot and Cretea has given rise to a series of objects with valuable aesthetic characteristics. Sharebot with its 3D printers allows customizable geometries coming from the inexhaustible inspiration of Gabriele Crivelli, geometries that otherwise would not be feasible. The refined details that Sharebot 42 and Sharebot NG 3D printers reach, interpreting the trait and the idea of the artist, allows the materials used to diffuse a soft and voluptuous light as a whole, increasing the intimacy of the environment.


Tradition and modernity are the business card of CRETEA. A brand that makes 3d printing the soul of its products. The entire production is characterized by objects of high quality, with an high level of detail. The products express purity and elegance of form, but thanks to modern 3d printing techniques each product is characterized by a high value of uniqueness.

Case History Cretea
Case History Cretea


The strength of the CRETEA design is to offer to its customers unique products that are able to meet any requirement both aesthetic and technical adaptation of the product to other existing one. Due to the uniqueness of the pieces you can offer customized products with characteristics give from the client (such as special dimensions, its logo, texture …) of any kind. Moreover Cretea offers its own collection of objects. All objects in the cretea catalogue express fine details and elegance that can’t be produced by the normal techniques of mass production. All services and products are easily available on the company website


CRETEA combines innovative production technologies and craft vocation, declined in unique products or produced in limited series. All implementation phases of the product are followed internally with the same passion and tradition typical of an art workshops of the past. The final result is a unique product made with a great attention to detail and an inimitable skill.