As we announced previously, we partecipated at the AM Show Americas at the Pasadena Convention Center (Pasadena, California) from December 6th to 8th. It was one of the most electrifying moments in our history: for the first time in our history we took our 3D printers in the USA to a wider audience. We were surrounded by technology, innovation and we’re proud to say that our made in Italy printers hit the mark and conquered good reviews!

Together with the expo partecipation, we also seized the opportunity to visit one of our most important and interesting partner: XponentialWorks and the Techniplas Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center, an incredible incubator (placed in Ventura, California) where we installed two of our professional 3D printers with filament deposition during the last months, Sharebot XXL Plus and Sharebot Q. Our printers are used to create and realized models, prototypes, gigs, functional objects and tools dedicated to optimize the tradizional workflow for professionals in different fields. Everyday in Techniplas, their technicians use the most innovative technologies to shape a new way of manufacturing, based on the idea of the Industry 4.0 with the aim to create a more connected, innovative world. We’re very proud to be part of this incredible environment and we’re excited to strength our partnership in the future!

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