Sharebox3D Indiegogo campaign starts Monday!

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to launch Sharebox3D, the revolution that will change forever the way to use, manage, archive, view and share the 3D printing files, starts on Monday 19th January. Until now a 3D printer user had to work…

Alessandro Ranellucci in Sharebot

Alessandro Ranellucci, one of the 3D printing fathers and creator of Slic3r, the world most used slicing software, was our guest today. Slic3r, as you probably know, is an open source slicing software that allows you to generate a gcode file…
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Sharebot for Architecture

Starting from today you can find online a new Sharebot website: Sharebot for Architecture. Sharebot starts a new campaign. We will publish a group of website in which it will be told how 3D printing technology can be applied to many different…

Working, working, working!

Here at Sharebot our great production team are working at full capacity to deliver the first models of the Sharebot NG.