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case history sharebot 3d printers at sport fiberbow olympic bows paolo sabbioni

Case Study Sharebot & AT Sport: 3D printed handles for Olympic bows FiberBow

Case History Sharebot-3D printed handles for Olympic bows branded FiberBow Paolo Sabbioni, founder of the company ‘AT Sport sas‘ located in Carate Brianza (MB, Italy), has decided to invest in additive technologies for rapid…
fizik cycling case study 3d printed chest sharebot professional 3d printers

3D printed custom made chest for fi'zi:k, leading company in cycling wear and accessorizes

A very demanding work realized for fi'zi:k, leading company in the cycling saddles, cycling shoes e cycling technical wear sectors. Our Sharebot 3D Store Padua - has created a 3D printed chest starting to a 3D scan made on a real…
sharebot antares 3d prints skull for post-mortem analysis

Sharebot Antares 3D prints a skull for post-mortem analysis

Case History Sharebot Antares 3D prints a skull for post-mortem analysis The Foundation of the Carlo Besta Neurological Institute, IRCCS of Milan, and in particular the Neuroradiology department led by Doctor Maria Grazia Bruzzone, has launched…

Filament production and FDM nanotubes composites

Case History Filament production and Fused Deposition Modeling of nanotube composites Sithiprumnea Dul, Luca Fambri e Alessandro Pegoretti (Industrial Engineering department and INSTM Research Unit, Università di Trento) published on January…

Aircraft 3D

Case History: AIRCRAFT3D Big size rapid prototyping with Sharebot QXXL Aircraft 3D is a big size model realized by our R&D technicians with Sharebot QXXL, our professional 3D printer ready for industries with filament deposition technology.…