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AT Sport, 3D printed bows with Sharebot NG

Paolo Sabbioni, founder of AT Sport, realizes in carbon fiber Olympic and paralympic bows with a tubular structure dedicated to high level athletes, like the Italian archers who took part at Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 achieving brilliant…
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MADesign – Creating automotive prototypes with Sharebot XXL

On March 5th 2016, at DAMA (Digital and Manufacturing Academy) in Milan, Matteo Limonta, project manager, designer, and founder of the society MADesign , explained his professional experience with Sharebot 3D printers applied to automotive sector…
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Open Biomedical Initiative – 3D printed biomedical prosthesis

Open Biomedical Initiative is an association which operates exclusively online. Its aim is to project and realize biomedical prosthesis dedicated to people who cannot use traditional ones. «Someone still uses the word 3D printer to describe…
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Nylon-Carbon: special features and resistance

3D printing materials are one of the most important parts for the technology development. Every application field has its own material, depending on the results quality and features. It's all about filament. Companies and professionals are…
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A 3D printed trophy

The ability to create something that could reflect an idea or a project is one of the main feature of 3D printing technology and the reason why it could be applied in a lot of different areas. As we've seen it could be used in the furniture…

3D printers for interior design industry

3D printing technology could be used in a lot of different areas to improve the production efficency and the way to realize prototypes and projects so that it could be possible to present a functioning product to the customers. One of the…
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Jewels in 3D: Maison 203 case

Orlando Hernandez is the founder of Maison 203. Maison 203 is a young company founded in 2010 with the goal to distribuite an accurate selection of design object from various firm both already enstablished at international level and rising…
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Sharebot for Architecture

Starting from today you can find online a new Sharebot website: Sharebot for Architecture. Sharebot starts a new campaign. We will publish a group of website in which it will be told how 3D printing technology can be applied to many different…
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Interview with Debora Crescia, GumChette creator

Debora Crescia had an idea. She wanted to create an handbag entirely made with 3D printing technology. A quirky but also fascinating idea. The project became possible only by using this technology. Debora brought the pochette idea to the Pescara's…

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