Craftsmanship at the service of sustainability

A story of passion and vision born and told by artisan hands.

Case Study CYBRO Sharebot

The Mission:

“Searching for the best version of yourself knowing that you can count on those details capable of transforming every adventure into experience, to the point of exploring the unknown.”

This is the mission of CYBRO, an Italian company founded in 2019 with the aim of designing, modeling and producing premium-end customized bicycles that last over time and respect environmental sustainability. For CYBRO, the bicycle is a faithful adventure companion that can find space at any time of the day, and design is the cornerstone of that Made in Italy that transforms the assembly of a bike into a real art.

Case Study CYBRO Sharebot

The Company:

CYBRO is the acronym for CYcle BROs, meaning that each person who buys a CYBRO vehicle becomes a brother who shares the adventure on the pedals with the other, the perfect travel companion with whom to live a common passion.

The futuristic vision of CYBRO was born a few years ago in a small experimental laboratory of 27 square meters in Bassano del Grappa, where restorations and customizations were carried out on request. From there, in a short time, ever greater growth. The keystone was the ability to immediately capture customer wishes and requests combined with empathy and the ability to develop something unique together with them, with the aim of making them even more protagonists.

Case Study CYBRO Sharebot

Personalization as Plus:

The natural inclination to customization developed for the customer and the technologies used to create unique models have inspired what is the current reality CYBRO: a company with a new super green production plant in Bassano Del Grappa (VI), where sustainability and clean energy go hand in hand with material production and recycling.

The young and creative staff ranges from marketing to design, research and development, interacting with the best automotive suppliers and contaminating themselves with experiences that contribute to increasing the quality of work more and more.

The whole production line, in fact, is the result of ideas born from different people, with CYBRO that has been able to take the best from each one by acting as a trait d’union to take it to a higher level, winking at the future with the ambition to broaden its borders.

3D printing, Sharebot and CYBRO:

Sharebot, in collaboration with 3D Vicenza, Sharebot exclusive reseller, has been able to understand and recommend the printer that best suits CYBRO’s needs, training and collaborating with the precious dedicated R&D technical team and providing assistance aimed at achieving the goal.

This is how the CYBRO team describes the advantages:

“The 3D printer served us above all to reproduce some parts of the bikes which were used to evaluate the correctness, both aesthetic and functional, before reproducing them by CNC. In a couple of models there will be two pieces made with the 3D printer. We also used the printer to make a mold which was then used to produce the carbon piece.

Sharebot 42

The 3D printer was very useful in the development and prototyping process, but above all the choice of a Sharebot printer proved to be decisive. Determining as an “open printer” and therefore allowed us to take advantage of the service offered by the Sharebot Store in Vicenza to best profile different types of filaments necessary for our project. Sharebot 42 was really crucial not only for the time it saved us, but also for speeding up the final production process. “

CYBRO embodies passion and Italian manufacturing technology by designing to make a difference, with the desire to make bicycle lovers pioneers of new routes to be experienced, with enthusiasm, from the first to the last meter.

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