Sharebot BIE 2019

Sharebot at BIE 2019

From 23rd to 25th May 2019 the 5th edition of the BIE, Brescia Industrial Exhibition, took place in Montichiari (BS), dedicated to companies that offer functional services – training and consultancy – to which other companies can access to improve their own business and competitiveness.

Technological Innovation and Additive Manufacturing

Sectors such as hydraulics, automotive, railway, aerospace and not least military, are definitively oriented towards an innovative technological landscape that proves to be competitive thanks to the internationalization promoted by the Brescia Industrial Association. Sharebot confirms itself as an international company, having located its machines in over 25 countries. The additive manufacturing through the use of 3D printers allows to reduce the times and the costs of production and prototyping. Printing technologies are rapidly evolving and continue to establish themselves as a valid production tool for the most varied uses.

Sharebot Printers at BIE 2019

Dedicated to the world of innovative production technologies and metal processing, the fair has reserved a space for additive manufacturing where Sharebot presented the latest machines such as Viking, a large format resin 3D printer with print area of 11 x 19 x 20 cm and MetalONE, metal 3D printer, great news from Sharebot that makes its debut in this technology with a product aligned to the exhibition theme. Last but not least, the Sharebot XXL Plus printer, an easily recognizable filament printer due to its characteristic elongated shape that allows it to house a printing plan of 705 X 250 X 200 mm.

More Information?

If you are interested in Sharebot 3D resin printers (Rover, Viking and Big) please send a mail to and you will receive all the information on our offers and solutions.

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