MonzaMakers is a start-up specialised in 3D modeling and printing. Its main goal is supply prototypes for different professional fields. They have high-quality machinery and equipment and the company is composed by a team of experts with a know-how learned during years of experience of costant production.

MonzaMakers created a spot-on motto to define their creations: “The new made in Italy” embodies the will to mix top quality italian handicraft to new technologies. That’s reflects exactly the core of Sharebot, who began the partnership with MonzaMaker since November.

The idea and 3D modeling

Passion for music, passion for 3D printing, all these topics pushed the MonzaMakers team to develope an unusual and original project: a functionable electric bass, with all the components working, all printed with Sharebot XXL. Clear sound, appealing and exclusive design, is defined by the complex Voronoi diagram’s style, can’t be realized with traditional moulding or milling process.

Modeling of electric bass has started since September 2014: firstly, the research of the best parameters, then designing the right model to create the bass, with custom-made recess and cavity (visible in the pictures here below).

3D printing with Sharebot XXL solved few problems

Thanks to Sharebot XXL, the professional 3D printer with a printing area of 700x250x200mm, the project become real. Because of specific and unusual XXL printing area, the bass (500x200x50mm) has been built by dividing in only 3 horizontal medium-size sections, optimizing the printing process and the entire workflow.

One of the biggest problems was the complex shape of central body made of many undercuts and bends. FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology has helped to solve the problem by adding supports material where needed, so it could be possibile to realize the bass structure. The 3D plate/coverage has been printed for the pots, employing white PLA.

Post-production and finishing

Post-production work and finishing was long and accurate. Firstly, support material was removed, then plaster has been applied in 3 parts. Most important was the remarkable work made by Matteo Cavalleri, painter and arstist who made a half-rust color painting and added paper inserts (example: flowers on front, sheet music on the rear).

After the painting, the final step: the three parts were put together, circuits and all the components were added to the process to complete this interesting, innovative, unusual and customized functional electric bass.

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