Paolo Sabbioni, founder of AT Sport, realizes in carbon fiber Olympic and paralympic bows with a tubular structure dedicated to high level athletes, like the Italian archers who took part at Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 achieving brilliant results (the team made up of 3 athletes, Ilario Di Buò, Marco Galiazzo and Mauro Nespoli, gains a silver medal in the final) and at London Paralympic Games in 2012 (Oscar De Pellegrin won the gold medal in individual competition).


Some years ago, before the realization of Fiberbow collection, Sabbioni discovered Sharebot 3D printers and from that time on he has used the printer Sharebot NG for the first prototype of the mold which allows to control the shape and the geometry of the future real mold.

«I discovered the 3D printing technology in 2005 and now I know all its several benefits in terms of cost and precision of the mold realized thanks to this technology: I’ve decided to print in PLA with Sharebot NG a lot of handles – Sabbioni says -. My goal is to personalize perfectly my bows, creating custom-made accessories on the basis of the different requests and needs».

Paolo Sabbioni has designed all the different variations of Fiberbow using a 3D software and an analysis of completed elements: at a later stage, the bow will be realized adding different slices of pre-impregnated carbon fiber shaped through a mold in the form of autoclave. The riser is lighter, twisting resistant and able to increase the speed of the arrow which is coming out from the bow.

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