Saturday September 9th Sharebot opened its third brand store in Italy: Help3D Sharebot 3D Store Padova. The store address is Via Sorio 102/a Padova and comes from the strong relationship that Sharebot (italian leading company in production and distribution of additive manufacturing systems) and Help3D (Sharebot Premium Reseller with an incomparable experience in 3D printing world) have. The aim is to be able to spread additive manufacturing tools and technologies insde North-Eastern companies and professionals.




Andrea Pirazzini (cofounder and responsable of Help3D Sharebot 3D Store Padova) held the welcome address, spoke about the application of 3D printing and presented what the store will do: scanning, 3D modeling for professionals, educational, technical support and assistance. These topics are fundamental to be able to provide a complete service to professionals and companies who want to use 3D printing in their workflow. Arturo Donghi and Andrea Radaelli (Sharebot CEO and President) undelined the importance of having a real store/center to support the evolution of 3D printing. Together they declared the store officially opened.

We are really happy about the event: hundred of people come to see the store to discover what 3D printing can do and how the technology could help them with their works. We strongly belive in additive manufacturing and the fact this thing is going to change the manufacturing workflow is real and it’s happening right now: companies and professional must be ready to understand how to use these tools to tranform their firm in an Industry 4.0.


Partner and Sharebot Premium Reseller

Networking is crucial. Because of that we invited to the event all our Premium Reseller and main partner (and they were present. Thank you for that: you are Sharebot too): having a strong network and be part of a much bigger picture helps us to provide our customers the best tools and satisfy their needs.

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