Alessandro Ranellucci, one of the 3D printing fathers and creator of Slic3r, the world most used slicing software, was our guest today.

Slic3r, as you probably know, is an open source slicing software that allows you to generate a gcode file from an .stl so that a 3D printer could print the object you designed.

It’s very important to notice that Slic3r is fully open source: this feature allows to everyone to cooperate to the software’s development by adding or suggesting an improvement that can be very helpful to every 3D printing user. Sharebot, thanks to the work made by our R&D department, has specific Slic3r profiles (you can download it from the webisite dedicated section) for its most known 3D printers: Sharebot NG and Sharebot Kiwi-3D.

Alessandro spoke with Damiano Fontana, one of the researchers and main responsabile for the Slic3r’s developments inside our company. They talked a lot about new features and many ideas that could be implemented inside the software. It was very interesting to listen what Alessandro think about the future of the technology.

We were very pleased by his visit and we hope to see him again in the future to talk about innovation and future.

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