3D printing is not based only on mere “insert the filament and print”.
Critical to the success of a fine print is the correct operation of all previous phases, from design to creation of the appropriate G-Code.
And concerning that was officially released the new version of Slic3r, 1.1.6.
This version has been updated, revised and improved with the usual support of all users.
Through our new profiles attached to this version, the improvements relate to various aspects of printing: print quality is superior and diverse allowing you to choose whether to print in high, medium or low quality in order to have a higher rate of the same.

Were made also some interesting additions as “Vase” profile in order to obtain a jar from a full or “Gear” profile to print gears and items with small dimensions and high definition.
Selfishly, it is remarkable the new mode that allows to upload the bundled settings for Sharebot 3D printers. This allows you to have in a single file all the settings already preloaded by Sharebot NG and Kiwi-3D and Sharebot of its print materials, facilitating the press from our printers. Moreover, with this new feature you will get optimized printing areas, avoiding cases where the extruder was going to tap the springs press plan.
It is also very interesting to the new profile that allows you to print in thermoplastic polyurethane TPU, extremely flexible and durable material.

For further informations or discover all the news of version 1.1.6, go to http://slic3r.org

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