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After having cornered the Italian market, Sharebot continues its growth abroad. Concluded the long and successful business travel in the United States, the Nibionno company is going to cross the Alps to take part – from 5 to 7 of June – in 3D Print Lyon, the Additive Manufacturing-themed fair that will take place at EurExpo, Boulevard de l’Europe, 69686 Chassieu.

Sharebot will exhibit at E16 booth of 3D Print Lyon with its professional 3D printers, in partnership with Polymix, the official French reseller. This will be an opportunity for French public to know and to get a closer look at high quality of ready-for-industries completely made in Italy Sharebot 3D printers, and to understand the infinite solutions they offer to the different product areas thus enabling professionals to cut costs and time-to-market with a technically perfect product.

Therefore, Sharebot is waiting for French public at E16 booth. But we remind you that children under 15 years old are not allowed at the event and we tell you the opening times for 3D Print Lyon.

Tuesday, June 5th : 09am-06pm
Wednesday, June 6th : 09am-06pm
Thursday, June 7th : 09am-05pm

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