Case History: AIRCRAFT3D

Big size rapid prototyping with Sharebot QXXL

Aircraft 3D is a big size model realized by our R&D technicians with Sharebot QXXL, our professional 3D printer ready for industries with filament deposition technology. The printer has a unique large printing volume (700 x 400 x 300 mm) with special 0,8 mm nozzle to create solid prototypes for automotive and mechanical engineering (QXXL can be used to creare automotive models like bumpers).

The aircraft was modeled to be printed in 11 printing processes: 8 for the body, 2 for the wings and 1 for the tail. During the modeling process, our technicians setted size and geometries to ease the printing process, adapting different parts to a bigger 3D printer (the first model draft was drawed for XXL Plus then Daniele Fumagalli adapted for the QXXL building volume).

All the parts were printed with a 0,8 mm nozzle setting a 0,6 mm layer. These settings with Sharebot QXXL help to optimize the workflow on big size models by speeding up the printing process without affecting the quality and definition: the entire process lasted 206 hours (as you can note, having a remote management system and filament presence sensor helped to have a safe process during the week long printing time – 206 hours). According to our technicians, using a traditional 0,4 mm nozzle would have cost another week of prinitng time: more than 500 hours rather than 200 hrs.


Post-prini process

One of the the advantages provided by 3D printing regards the possibility to post-work the model after the printing process. Aircraft 3D was assembled with traditional glue then both the body, the tail and the wings have been treated with plaster to polish the surface and removing the little rungs left by the layer. Once plasted, the aircraft was varnished with acrylic colors (black and white like the Shrebot colors).










Sharebot QXXL and PLA-S

Sharebot QXXL

Sharebot Qxxl is a big size professional 3D printer with FFF technology. Evolution of Sharebot Q, Qxxl is a professional working tool that combines the main Q features (printing bed autocalibration systemSharebox3D interface and remote management) with the largest building area (700 x 400 x 300 mm) to provide professionals an advancedand innovative tool for their workflows and transfrorm their working environment in an Industry 4.0.

  • Building area
    700x400x300 mm
  • Size
    1110x630x1365 mm
  • Nozzle size / Max T°
    0,8 – < 260°C
  • Heated plate – Max T°
    Integrated – < 90°C
  • Z Resolution
    > 0,2 mm
  • XY Resolution
    ± 0,2 mm


PLA’s the most used 3D printing material, composed by a thermoplastic polymer derivated from corn and it’s biodegradable. PLA’s resistant and solid (avoiding the warping effect during the printing process) without retraction and deformation. Available in a lot of different colors, it doesn’t release any smell and it can be extruded at lower temperatures than any other material without having to heat the printing bed.

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