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The third generation 3D printer
Professional, solid and Made in Italy


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La terza generazione di stampanti 3D: professionale, robusta, Made in Italy

Unique features

Solid, smart, easy to use and professional

Printing area

250x200x200 mm*

Building spees


Heated printed plate



PLA-S, ABS-HF, Poly, NylonCarbon, TPU

Sharebot NG

Sharebot NG, Next Generation, is a professional and economic 3D printer available from €1500. Sharebot NG uses the FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) 3D printing technology.

The 3D printer is a fundamental working tool for professionals; it is a solid, Made in Italy and easy to use machine that can be used in many different working areas. This is the third generation of 3D printers produced by Sharebot with its great experience and know-how and it is intended to be used by professionals looking for a great reliability printer.

Sharebot NG has an integrated heated printing plate with a 250x200x200 mm building area with a 0.04 mm nozzle: this features allow to work with many different filament like PLA-S (special PLA material developed by Sharebot, economic and easy to use), ABS-HF (a strong and professional-oriented ABS filament) and technical materials like Nylon-Carbon (charged with nylon and carbon, strong and resistant), TPU (a polyurethane, elastic and with memory form) and Poly.

Sharebot NG has an LCD screen dedicated to the full printer operation management: once inserted the SD card, the user can set or modify any printing setting from it and mange the printing peocess thanks to the smart control knob.

The 3D printer is available in two version: mono or double extruder. The double extruder one allows to print with two different materials on the same prototype, giving to the professional user to combine filament with different features with the same quality of the mono-extruder printer. Sharebot Academy has a wide choice of 3D printing courses dedicated to learn all the Sharebot NG secrets so that the user could learn how to use the printing in his workflow.

Sharebot NG has the CE certification and it fully Made in Italy.

LCD extruder

Sharebot NG offre la possibilità di gestire il processo di stampa 3D tramite schermo LCD

Double Extruder

Sharebot NG è disponibile nella modalità con il secondo estrusore

Settings management

La creazione del file di stampa e la gestione dei settaggi avviene tramite computer con un software di slicing



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Sharebot 42 è uno strumento professionale pensato per la prototipazione rapida


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